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Acura Air Conditioning in the Winter?? Why It’s Important…

Acura Air Conditioning in the Winter?? Why It’s Important…

When you hear the term ‘air conditioning’, what do you think? You think of cooling off in your car when the temperature outside is sweltering hot, right? But you probably aren’t thinking about your Acura air conditioning when there’s rain coming down or there’s snow on the ground. That just doesn’t seem to fit the mold.

However, Acura air conditioning is just as important in the off-seasons as it is during the hot summer. You’ll be surprised to know that your A/C system does more than cool your car’s cabin…so much more.

Why is Acura Air Conditioning Important in Winter?

Besides keeping you cool, your Acura air conditioning also keeps you comfortable. It eliminates that sticky feeling that humidity causes. And that’s the same premise that your car uses its air conditioning in the winter.

Clearing Windows

If you’ve experienced windows that have frost build-up on the inside, that’s from too much moisture inside the car. Odds are that these car owners aren’t using their air conditioning in the cold weather.

The moisture that collects and freezes on the inside of your windows would have been whisked away with air conditioning before. Now, you’ll have to defrost the windows and run the fan on high to keep the windows clear. Driving in the winter with the defrost setting turned on automatically engages your Acura air conditioning. If you see the A/C light come on when the defroster is on, don’t turn it off!

Removing Excess Moisture

The snow and water from your shoes collects in your floor mats and on the floor. When it evaporates, it gathers on your windows. Air conditioning helps reduce the moisture in the air as well as some of the standing water in your floor mats. But help yourself out once in awhile – empty your floor mats of water and snow!


At times, your A/C system might not be operating at its best. Whether it’s due to aging, a mechanical problem, or it simply needs a recharge, Acura air conditioning service at Jay Wolfe Acura will help keep your car comfortable and the windows clear this winter. Call or visit to see how we can help!

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