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Keep Your Acura Resale Value High With These Tips

Keep Your Acura Resale Value High With These Tips

You’ve chosen one of the best premium cars on the market today. Fortunately for you, it’s also one of the brands with the best value, or bang for your buck. You get more for your money when you choose an Acura, whether it’s the MDX, RDX, ILX, RLX, or even the Acura NSX supercar. But then, the reality of owning a car sets in. It loses value as soon as it’s purchased. Acura is one of the best in terms of resale value, with depreciation setting in much slower than the competition. Even so, you can keep your Acura’s resale value as high as possible with these tips.

Maintain Your Car At the Dealership

There’s just one place that keeps your Acura in the best condition possible, and that’s the Acura dealership. It’s here you’ll find factory-trained technicians, genuine Acura parts, and the knowledgeable service to maintain your car properly. Other shops don’t have the expertise, training, or tools to effectively maintain your Acura.

Keep Resale Value High with Service Records

Whenever you bring your Acura to the dealership, keep a copy of the service records. Create a file to store the paperwork from every visit. That way, when the time comes to trade in or sell your Acura, you’ll have documentation of its routine servicing. Proving your Acura has been serviced consistently means you can demand a higher resale value.

Detail Your Acura Regularly

Doesn’t your Acura look great? If you can keep your Acura in the same condition as it is now, you’ll have no problem getting the highest resale value possible later on. A car wash every week or two, a thorough interior detail every few months, and a wax or polish twice a year is all it takes.

Keep Mileage Low If You Can

Car buyers love low-mileage cars. While not everyone can keep their odometer low, it helps when it’s time to trade up to the newest model. Low mileage usually indicates light use to car buyers, which in turn says they can expect a long life from your Acura. That’s a great reason you can demand a higher resale value.


Keep your Acura in great shape with the service team at Jay Wolfe Acura. Our expert staff will guide you through your routine maintenance and help you keep your Acura looking great until it’s time for a new one.

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