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Why Choose Acura Financial Services for Your New Car

Why Choose Acura Financial Services for Your New Car

You’ve decided on a new Acura, and it has you really excited. If it’s the Acura MDX, it might be the efficient Sport Hybrid that has you chomping at the bit. If you settled on the Acura ILX, you might be pumped about the A-Spec package you’ve purchased. But before you can take it home, you’ll need to get your finances in order. You can go through your own bank if you want, or you can pay cash if you have it saved up. But there are massive benefits in choosing to go through Acura Financial Services, and here’s why.

Acura Financial Services Offers Financing and Leasing

Going through your own bank, you have one option alone, and that’s to buy your car. Acura Financial Services opens up the world of leasing that other lenders can’t provide. Leasing is a fantastic way of keeping your payments low and your ownership options flexible.

Low Financing Rates

Acura Financial Services offer low competitive financing rates. Check out Jay Wolfe Acura’s specials, or stop by the dealership for more details.

Military and Graduate Savings Available

You’re not just another loan customer to Acura. College grads, military personnel and veterans can receive special savings towards their new Acura. That’s an offer you won’t get from your own bank.

Protection Plans for Your Loan

Make your Acura loan as secure as possible through Acura Financial Services. You’re eligible for GAP insurance on your new car loan, and you can buy additional protection packages and extended warranties that can be included on your payments through AFS. It’s like a force field for your new Acura.

At Jay Wolfe Acura, we’ll get to work on your new car purchase, securing your loan or lease through Acura Financial Services wherever possible. It’s not just our job to keep you satisfied – it’s part of the Jay Wolfe Difference that we love!

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