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How to Check Your Vehicle's Tire Pressure

How to Check Your Tire Pressure Properly

Here’s How to Check Your Tire Pressure Properly When you stop or gas in your Acura, do you check the tire pressures? I didn’t think so. Did you know that it’s recommended to check your tire pressure that often? No one has the time to check their tire inflation that consistently, but everyone should know

Does Your Acura Need an AC Inspection?

The dog days of summer have arrived. Daytime highs make you melt and overnight lows aren’t enough to cool you down. You wait for rain to get a break from the heat, but then the humidity is super uncomfortable. You go for a drive in your Acura to get some relief. And when you turn

Car Maintenance You Should Never Skip

You’re visiting the service department for your routine oil and filter change. According to the service advisor, there’s more that needs to be done at the time and mileage you’re at. You double check the car maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, and they’re right. There’s more to be done. You might not have made

It’s Warming Up – A Spring Inspection is a Good Idea

The weather is warming up, and spring is right around the corner. It’s the start of soccer and baseball leagues, yard work, and an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without bundling up. But while you’re looking forward to summer, there’s one small thing you don’t want to forget: your car. It’s battled the winter with

How Often Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

One of the most expensive maintenance items for your Acura, or any vehicle, are tire replacements. It’s unavoidable as tires will eventually wear out. City driving, aggressive acceleration, and hard braking can reduce the life of your tires. But one maintenance item can help extend your tire life more than you might think. It’s a

Did You Check Your Fluids Yet? It’s Important…

Seasons change, and the mercury in the thermometer goes up and down. But what isn’t changed as often as before are the fluids in your car. The engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant – they all have a longer life than ever. The environmental changes still impact your fluids, and

Keep Your Acura in Tiptop Shape with These 5 Summer Car Care Tips

From your deck chair beside the pool, gazing through your sunglasses, you enjoy these hot summer days. It’s a refreshing break from the unpredictable weather throughout the rest of the year, and you’ll enjoy every moment you can. But your Acura doesn’t necessarily like it. If you haven’t paid much attention to your Acura since

Your Car Battery Won’t Fail in the Summer…Will It?

The frigid winter weather is a distant memory. Instead, you enjoy steamy hot summer days and day trips to the beach. Oh yeah, and there’s the long waits in bumper-to-bumper traffic on your daily commute. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about harsh winter weather causing annoying problems with your Acura, like a dead car

How Often Does My Acura Need a Brake Job?

You’re driving down the interstate, on your way for gelato at Glace. Every highway exit, stop light, stop sign – every time you touch the brake pedal, in fact – there’s that awful squealing noise. You suspect your brake pads are worn out, but you’ve already had them replaced at the dealership once before. How

Are You Cleaning Your Windows Correctly?

When you drive your Acura, there are a few constant things: you’re going to burn fuel, you’ll need to start, stop, and turn, and you need to see. If you’re having trouble seeing the road, it’s probably a matter of cleaning your windows. Are you doing it correctly, or are your windows worse after you’ve

How to Apply Touchup Paint

You can be as careful as possible when you park. Unfortunately, there’s always that one person who parks too close to your Acura. The wind catches their door or a button or zipper on their jacket rubs along your car. You’re left with a scratch on your car and the oblivious offender has doesn’t seem