Why an Acura SUV is a Great Idea

There are plenty of choices available in the auto marketplace today. The SUV segment is exploding, and new models are coming out all the time from all sorts of manufacturers. You’ll find subcompact SUVs for city use, small SUVs for awesome fuel mileage, and massive gas-guzzlers that are like a full-size truck. But that’s not

You Don’t Need an Acura Extended Warranty…Do You?

Choose any Acura – an ILX compact car, an RDX crossover SUV, an RLX premium sedan, or any other model. What you’re getting is a precision driving machine, and a car that you can depend on more than the rest. It’s something that Acura takes great pride in, and it’s one of the things that

Should You Buy an Acura with a Salvage Title?

Anytime you browse classified ads or online car listings, there’s going to be one car that’s priced way lower than it should be. It seems like a deal that’s too good to be true. It could be thousands of dollars below the average price and it might even look like it’s in perfect shape. Low

Looking for a Great Car? Here’s Why a Pre Owned Acura is a Great Option

A second car for the family, a commuter for your job in downtown Kansas City, or a first car for your kids. Sometimes a new car isn’t the best choice for your circumstances. But even though you aren’t looking for a new car, you still want something really nice. You want a vehicle that will

Problems with Your Credit Rating? You Could Still Buy a Car

In the United States, nearly two-thirds of the population currently have a credit rating less than ‘Good’. That means that if you know you don’t have the greatest credit, you’re certainly not alone. And like a majority of Americans, you need to commute to your job or to school on a daily basis. But your

Used Car Financing at Jay Wolfe Acura

Browse a dozen used car lots and you’ll find a dozen different used car financing opportunities. Everyone has their own offering, from short-term car loans to buy here pay here loans for bad credit. The problem is that used car financing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Everyone has unique needs. When you need to finance a

Acura Models and Apple CarPlay

Nearly everyone who drives a car today also has a smartphone, and that’s especially true for Acura drivers. Their vehicles are technologically advanced and have some of the best convenience features. With recent laws regarding smartphone use while driving, integrating the two things – cars and smartphones – has pretty tough. But that’s not an

How To Get the Best Trade In Value

You’d love to buy a brand new Acura. An Acura ILX is one of the most enjoyable compact sedans on the market. The award-winning Acura MDX is always a great choice. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the new Acura RDX to hit the showroom floor. But, there’s a problem: you own a car right now.

What Does AcuraWatch Do For You?

Perhaps someone in the backseat dropped their toy on the floor, and you’ve reached back to pick it up. It may be that you’re more tired than you initially thought when you got in the driver’s seat. Or maybe someone pulled out in front of your Acura and you don’t have time to react. These

Car Maintenance You Should Never Skip

You’re visiting the service department for your routine oil and filter change. According to the service advisor, there’s more that needs to be done at the time and mileage you’re at. You double check the car maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, and they’re right. There’s more to be done. You might not have made