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Should You Buy an Acura with a Salvage Title?

Anytime you browse classified ads or online car listings, there’s going to be one car that’s priced way lower than it should be. It seems like a deal that’s too good to be true. It could be thousands of dollars below the average price and it might even look like it’s in perfect shape. Low

Looking for a Great Car? Here’s Why a Pre Owned Acura is a Great Option

A second car for the family, a commuter for your job in downtown Kansas City, or a first car for your kids. Sometimes a new car isn’t the best choice for your circumstances. But even though you aren’t looking for a new car, you still want something really nice. You want a vehicle that will

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Acura Mean?

You want a high-quality car and that’s always what you get with an Acura. But when your budget doesn’t allow a brand new car or the model you love is a couple years old, is it still a smart idea? With a Certified Pre-Owned Acura, it is! Discover What Certified Pre-Owned Acura Means For You

Is a Used Acura a Good Idea?

Whether you’re a student working part-time to get through college, a money-conscious professional, or you’re looking for a second or third family vehicle, it’s not always an option to buy a new car. You’re left searching the used car listings to find the best car for your money, but it’s not always that easy. There

Top 5 Myths About Used Cars

So you’ve decided to buy a new car. Well, maybe not a new car exactly but a different one. You’d really like to drive a new Acura off the showroom floor but that’s just not in the cards now. You’re looking at used cars but get heart palpitations and sweaty palms when you think about