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Acura Brakes

Does My Acura Really Need a Brake Fluid Service?

Is Brake Fluid Service Required? Routine maintenance is required to keep your Acura – or any vehicle, for that matter – in good working order. The service schedule has been created to minimize problems that can be avoided with basic maintenance. That’s what engine oil changes and tire rotations, transmission fluid flushes, and wheel alignments

Is Your Car Overheating?

There’s a funny odor of burnt sugar, a suspicious green drip from the front. The temperature gauge on your car is climbing higher than normal – at least, you don’t recall it getting near the red. After stopping your engine, you walk past the hood and hear a hissing sound… Is your car overheating? One

Where Acura Auto Repairs Are Done Right

Things happen. Cars aren’t new forever, and problems will come up. It’s stuff as simple as an Acura brake job or tire replacement. It’s more involved maintenance like transmission services and coolant flushes. There are mechanical issues that happen, minor electrical problems, and so on – you get the idea. At some point in time,

Choose Us for Your Acura Repair, and Here’s Why

Car problems happen – that’s something you have to accept no matter what car you drive. If it’s an Acura, you’ll have fewer problems than other makes, but at some point, you’ll have an Acura repair to deal with. When you do, it’s important to choose a facility that knows and understands how your car

How Often Does My Acura Need a Brake Job?

You’re driving down the interstate, on your way for gelato at Glace. Every highway exit, stop light, stop sign – every time you touch the brake pedal, in fact – there’s that awful squealing noise. You suspect your brake pads are worn out, but you’ve already had them replaced at the dealership once before. How

Is There a Problem With Your Fuel Mileage?

You drive your Acura, so you’re going to burn fuel. And because there’s so much fun you can have behind the wheel, you may have a tendency to burn more gas than you need to. But when it seems like your Acura’s fuel mileage is suffering worse than it should, you might begin to wonder:

How is Your Acura Suspension Doing?

One of the most common reasons for owning an Acura is its incredible handling. Some of that may have to do with available Precision All-Wheel Steer or Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive, which keeps your Acura moving in the direction you point the steering wheel. Another aspect that plays a major role in your Acura’s precise handling

Why is an Acura Recall Issued?

You can’t turn on the evening news these days without hearing about some car maker issuing a new recall. These reports get nerve-wracking, especially when you own a model affected by one. You might expect an ‘exploder’ recall like in the late nineties, or a potential fire hazard from a gas guzzler from decades long

What Your Car Warning Lights Mean

As you travel the streets of Kansas City, your Acura provides you peace of mind in its reliability. But even the most dependable vehicles can experience problems every now and then. For many concerns, your Acura will illuminate one of the car warning lights to indicate an issue. What do those warning lights mean, and

Keep Your Car Battery Going Strong With These Tips

If you haven’t been them, you’ve seen it: the person in the parking lot with booster cables extending from under an open hood. A dead battery happens at the worst of times. It’s in the throes of winter when the snow is swirling outside your window. It’s when the sun blisters your back as you

Don’t Wait For Your Air Conditioning Repairs!

It’s autumn. The leaves are turning picturesque yellows, oranges, and reds, and there’s occasional morning frost. The days aren’t as hot as they were just a few weeks ago, with the exception of the occasional warm one. Although your Acura’s air conditioning wasn’t performing all that well towards the end of the summer, you’re thinking