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Why You Should Use Genuine Acura Parts

Why You Should Use Genuine Acura Parts

Cars require routine maintenance like oil and filter changes. Friction parts like brake pads and rotors eventually wear out. Once in awhile, there’s a repair necessary to correct an issue on an older Acura. Whichever scenario you find yourself faced with, you have the option to use aftermarket parts or Genuine Acura parts. Which one should you choose?

Choose Genuine Acura Parts

Of course, you’d expect a dealership to tell you to buy Genuine Acura parts. But do you know why? There are compelling reasons that Acura OEM replacement parts are a better choice than aftermarket components.

Genuine Acura Parts Are Designed to Fit

Aftermarket parts are designed after the part that’s installed on your Acura, but genuine parts are designed to fit your vehicle. Genuine Acura Parts will always be a direct fit; a perfect replacement for the original part on your car. Whether it’s an oil filter, wheel hub, or an transmission, you can trust it’s going to fit perfectly.

Built to Last

Some aftermarket parts are similar in quality to OEM Acura parts, but others are a much lesser quality. We’ve all heard about aftermarket parts wearing out much too soon – are you willing to take that chance on your car? Genuine Acura parts are built to last like the original part.

A Reliable Support Network

If something goes wrong with Genuine Acura parts, Acura has your back. Most replacement parts carry a one year, 12,000-mile warranty. Not only does that guarantee a no-hassle replacement if something goes wrong, it means you can trust Acura parts to be the gold standard in manufacturing quality.

If you need to make a warranty claim related to a Genuine Acura part you’ve purchased, you can visit any one of the Acura dealers nationwide. Can you do that with the aftermarket suppliers?


Genuine Acura parts are the best parts for your vehicle, no holds barred. If you need your vehicle serviced, would like to buy Acura accessories, or need to buy replacement parts for your vehicle, visit Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City for accurate, friendly service.

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