How Does Advantage Test Drive Work?

Advantage Test Drive is available as part of our Advantage Program, allowing previous and repeat customers to request a test drive at a convenient location for them. You’re busy, and we get it. Instead of coming to Jay Wolfe Acura to test drive your next vehicle, let us meet you where you are!

Enter your Email or Phone Number

It’s easy for Advantage Program clients to arrange an Advantage Test Drive . Submit your email address or phone number so we can find your client profile and confirm your eligibility. A manager at Jay Wolfe Acura will reach out to you to discuss how we can make your vehicle shopping experience more streamlined and convenient.

Pick your Test Drive Location

When and where? That’s up to you! Choose somewhere in the city to have us meet you with the vehicle you’d like to try out. While a product specialist is there with you, they can discuss your options and do an initial assessment of your trade. Informal and low pressure is the name of the game with Advantage Test Drive, empowering you to confidently buy the car you want after touching and driving it. And we want to best vehicle for you!
* Colors and features aren't always as they appear in photos online.

Test Drive

Try out the vehicle on city streets and back lanes. Take a cruise on the interstate. This test drive is on your terms and on the roads you normally drive. Test out the features and options to make sure all your boxes are checked.
That's it! You're in the car you want - no questions or concerns left unanswered. If you’re happy with the color, features, options, and payments, the product specialist will set up an appointment to finalize the paperwork.
At Jay Wolfe Acura, we value your time and we believe our loyal customers deserve the best, most convenient car shopping experience. Our goal is ensuring your Advantage Test Drive leaves you with the most available time in your day and a vehicle you truly love to drive!