Timing Belt Close-up

Is It Time to Replace Your Acura Timing Belt?

Fire up your Acura’s engine and it the road. No matter which model you drive, your vehicle is bound to bring a smile to your face. But routine maintenance is a fact of life with car ownership, all with the intention to keep your car running strong and reliably. For some vehicles, that includes timing

Acura Line-up

Three Repeat Winners: 2019 Consumer Guide Best Buy Award

Three Acura Models Get 2020 Consumer Guide Best Buy Award It’s one of the industry’s top benchmarks. The 2019 Consumer Guide Best Buy Award goes to models that exemplify the best quality, best value, top features, fuel efficiency, and technology. And for 2020, the Best Buy Award has been given to three Acura repeat winners.

Jay Wolfe Acura

Acura Dealers in Missouri: Why You Should Choose Jay Wolfe

Why Choose Jay Wolfe Acura in Missouri The supple leather on the Acura MDX, the elegance of the Acura RLX, the riveting drive of the Acura ILX, or the versatility and luxury of the Acura RDX. You’ve been bitten by the Acura bug. There’s only one thing you can do about it, and that’s to

2019 Acura RDX

Motor Trend’s Safest SUV of 2019 is Acura RDX

A lot of technology and the touch of fine leather. Sporty performance and sexy looks. The Acura RDX is a lot of things and offers incredible value for a luxury SUV. But if your criteria for a new vehicle checklist includes a box for safety, can the RDX answer the bell?  That’s a resounding yes.

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Trading Vehicle

Is Kelley Blue Book the Best Source for Trade Values?

If you have a vehicle to trade in when you’re shopping for a new Acura, you aren’t alone. Almost every car buyer today has a vehicle they need to get rid of when they buy a new car. It could be an older car or a nearly-new model. Whatever the case, you want to know

Acura Brakes

Does My Acura Really Need a Brake Fluid Service?

Is Brake Fluid Service Required? Routine maintenance is required to keep your Acura – or any vehicle, for that matter – in good working order. The service schedule has been created to minimize problems that can be avoided with basic maintenance. That’s what engine oil changes and tire rotations, transmission fluid flushes, and wheel alignments

Full Size MDX SUV

Is There an Acura Full Size SUV?

Do They Make an Acura Full Size SUV? Luxury SUVs are growing in popularity, no doubt. There are plenty of premium and luxury carmakers, both domestic and import, that build high-end vehicles for the United States. But there only seem to be a few full size luxury SUV options to choose from. Do they offer

Feet on Dash

Is It Okay to Put Your Feet On the Dash?

It It Safe for Passengers to Put Feet On the Dash? We’ve all seen it. Cruising down the freeway, the front-seat passenger is reclined way back. Their bare feet are crossed, and the only way you know this is because you see them on the dashboard. Sometimes, their feet might even be out an open

Fueling Options

Why Does Acura Need Premium Gas?

Do Acura Vehicles Need Premium Gas? It might’ve come as a surprise to you the first time you fueled up your new Acura. When you open the fuel door, there’s a label just inside that says “Premium Fuel Recommended”. One thing you know for sure is that premium gas is more expensive. You’ve also heard

Acura Navigation

How to Enter Radio Code for Your Acura

How to Enter Radio Code for Your Acura Driving in silence is no fun at all. And yet, that’s likely the case if you’ve had a dead battery. After boosting or recharging your Acura’s battery, the radio screen is blank except for four letters: “C-O-D-E”. How do you fix it and get back to singing

Acura Care

What Does Acura Care Cover?

What’s Covered Under Acura Care Packages? If you’ve been a driver for any length of time, or if your parents had cars when you were growing up, you know that problems can happen from time to time. Some can be just pesky little issues while others are expensive to fix. What’s true for all car