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Acura Type-S is Returning!

It was the way you knew an Acura was the sport model. You’d find it in the Acura TL lineup, a trim level for the Acura RSX, and various other models over the years. And now, coming soon, you’ll once again see the Acura Type-S package in new models across the Acura lineup. Acura Type-S

How the Collision Mitigation Braking System Works

Choosing an Acura is one of the best decisions you can make. You’re not only getting one of the most comfortable, sporty, and luxurious vehicles on the road for the price, you’re getting some truly incredible technology. Acura’s Collision Mitigation Braking System is just one of the driver-assistive safety features you can find in many

When is it Safe to Use Your Cruise Control?

Anyone who is old enough to remember using cassette tapes, perhaps even before Acura made its way to North America, remembers hearing this warning: “The roads are slippery. Don’t use the cruise control!” As a responsible person, you don’t use your cruise control when the road conditions are less than ideal. Even loose gravel is

Is an Acura Sport Hybrid Right For You?

You’ve owned cars for years, but they’ve always been gas-powered. Hybrid technology has been on the market for decades now. But, you’ve never taken the plunge. High-quality carmakers like Acura build high-performance vehicles using sport hybrid technology too, offering excellent fuel mileage to go with the exceptional luxury inside. But is an Acura sport hybrid

What Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Do For You?

The exhilaration you feel when you sit behind the steering wheel is one of the best parts of the drive. The thrill of the open road, a powerful machine at your command, and a spectacularly handling vehicle are all part of it. When your vehicle is designed to make your heart beat a little faster,

Are You Cleaning Your Windows Correctly?

When you drive your Acura, there are a few constant things: you’re going to burn fuel, you’ll need to start, stop, and turn, and you need to see. If you’re having trouble seeing the road, it’s probably a matter of cleaning your windows. Are you doing it correctly, or are your windows worse after you’ve

How Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Work?

You know the difference between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. The manual transmission you have to shift yourself, and the automatic is…well, automatic. Then the dual clutch transmission (DCT) was introduced and confused everything. How does a dual clutch transmission work? What is a Dual Clutch Transmission? It’s a gearbox that creates faster

What Does Collision Mitigation Braking System Mean For ME?

Sometimes, you just don’t see it coming. You can get distracted by a cell phone ringing, backseat passengers, or unusual goings-on outside your car. And with most cars, it would be too late to do anything about it. You’re in an accident, risking injuries and damage that could easily have been avoided. That’s why Collision

What is Variable Cylinder Management in My Acura?

You don’t want to spend more money on fuel than you have to, and Acura understands. So picture this: you accelerate from a stop with a little extra spirit than necessary and your Acura’s engine happily obliges with a hearty effort. But once you get to your cruising speed, you don’t need as much power

What Makes the Acura RDX So Special?

The Acura RDX is in its second generation now, originally introduced in the 2007 model year. That first RDX was great, and made a huge splash in the luxury crossover SUV segment. But the second-gen RDX? No that’s a marvel of the automotive market.   What is it that makes the Acura RDX so special?

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work?

It’s been decades since Acura first introduced cruise control on their vehicles. Its widespread popularity meant virtually every Acura model since then has had cruise control. It simplifies the mundane part of driving — the constant rate of speed for long periods of time. More recently, it’s been upgraded to Adaptive Cruise Control. But what