Does Your Acura Need a Wheel Alignment?

It comes out of left field when you bring your Acura in for its appointment. You need a wheel alignment along with other suspension and steering repairs. How can this be?

  There are signs when your Acura is due for a wheel alignment. No, it’s not an indicator light on your dashboard like the ABS or Check Engine lights. It’s about visual signs and handling cues; it’s physical indicators that clue you in that you need an alignment.   Are you wondering what those clues are? Here is a handful of signs your Acura needs a wheel alignment.  
  1. Your car pulls to one side when you’re driving. If you’re cruising along on the highway, or even in the city at 40 mph or so, your car might pull either to the left or right. If you need to pull constantly on your steering wheel to continue driving straight, it’s a pretty clear sign you need a wheel alignment.
  2. You’re burning through your tire tread. When you go for service and your tires are notably different in tread depth, it can be caused by alignment issues. One or more tires ‘scrub’ on the road, quickly chewing your tire tread down.
  3. Your steering is tighter than it used to be. When you turn a corner, the steering wheel should move smoothly and in a controlled fashion. If it’s really hard to turn, your wheel alignment can be out of whack. It may cause excessive tire wear or poor handling. The same can be said if your steering is too loose and it feels like your car is floating around.
  4. Your steering wheel isn’t straight across. If your Acura’s steering wheel is anything but horizontal when you’re driving on a flat, even road surface, you need an alignment. It immediately tells you the steering toe angle is incorrect, putting undue stress on your car’s suspension and steering.
  5. There are suspension or steering noises. Whether it’s caused by an alignment issue initially or if it’s due to wear and tear, clunking and rattling usually requires an alignment. You should always have an alignment performed after suspension and steering repairs.
  If your Acura is telling you any of these signs, don’t hesitate. Get into Jay Wolfe Acura for a wheel alignment!