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Should You Buy an Acura with a Salvage Title?

Anytime you browse classified ads or online car listings, there’s going to be one car that’s priced way lower than it should be. It seems like a deal that’s too good to be true. It could be thousands of dollars below the average price and it might even look like it’s in perfect shape. Low

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Acura Mean?

You want a high-quality car and that’s always what you get with an Acura. But when your budget doesn’t allow a brand new car or the model you love is a couple years old, is it still a smart idea? With a Certified Pre-Owned Acura, it is! Discover What Certified Pre-Owned Acura Means For You

Is a Used Acura a Good Idea?

Whether you’re a student working part-time to get through college, a money-conscious professional, or you’re looking for a second or third family vehicle, it’s not always an option to buy a new car. You’re left searching the used car listings to find the best car for your money, but it’s not always that easy. There

Top 5 Myths About Used Cars

So you’ve decided to buy a new car. Well, maybe not a new car exactly but a different one. You’d really like to drive a new Acura off the showroom floor but that’s just not in the cards now. You’re looking at used cars but get heart palpitations and sweaty palms when you think about