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What Types of Acura Leases are Available?

Whether for business or personal use, buying an Acura model is always a great idea. And while owning an Acura model outright is the most common way to buy, leasing is a solution that could be just as rewarding.  You might think of leasing as a long-term month-to-month car rental situation. But did you know

Pay Cash for Car

Should You Pay Cash for a Car?

Should You Pay Cash for a Car? Have you ever saved up cash for something you really wanted to buy? The new Playstation console that was just released. A fancy new dress for an upcoming gala. New fishing gear for a summer trip. You stash your cash in a coffee can (or the bank, like

Acura Vehicle Down Payment

How Much Down Payment Do You Need for a New Acura?

You’re crunching numbers, trying to figure out how much you can afford for your new Acura RDX, ILX, MDX, TLX, or perhaps even the RLX. Maybe you know that the monthly or bi-weekly payment isn’t going to be a problem. At the very least, you can make it work comfortably. But there are other factors

How Much Car Can I Afford?

The decision to buy a vehicle isn’t always easy. It’s a big decision – for most people, it’s the second largest purchase you make, aside from buying a home. And often, it isn’t obvious if you can make the financial aspect of car ownership work. You might ask yourself, “How much car can I afford?”

You Don’t Need an Acura Extended Warranty…Do You?

Choose any Acura – an ILX compact car, an RDX crossover SUV, an RLX premium sedan, or any other model. What you’re getting is a precision driving machine, and a car that you can depend on more than the rest. It’s something that Acura takes great pride in, and it’s one of the things that

Problems with Your Credit Rating? You Could Still Buy a Car

In the United States, nearly two-thirds of the population currently have a credit rating less than ‘Good’. That means that if you know you don’t have the greatest credit, you’re certainly not alone. And like a majority of Americans, you need to commute to your job or to school on a daily basis. But your

Used Car Financing at Jay Wolfe Acura

Browse a dozen used car lots and you’ll find a dozen different used car financing opportunities. Everyone has their own offering, from short-term car loans to buy here pay here loans for bad credit. The problem is that used car financing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Everyone has unique needs. When you need to finance a

Which Car Financing Term Should You Choose?

You’ve done the handshake and you’ve signed the sales agreement. You’re going to be the proud owner of a new Acura! It’s an absolutely thrilling feeling, but the day isn’t over yet. Once you’ve agreed on the pricing, you need to select the car financing term that works for you. But that’s easier said than