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Acura Dealers in Missouri: Why You Should Choose Jay Wolfe

Why Choose Jay Wolfe Acura in Missouri The supple leather on the Acura MDX, the elegance of the Acura RLX, the riveting drive of the Acura ILX, or the versatility and luxury of the Acura RDX. You’ve been bitten by the Acura bug. There’s only one thing you can do about it, and that’s to

Trading Vehicle

Is Kelley Blue Book the Best Source for Trade Values?

If you have a vehicle to trade in when you’re shopping for a new Acura, you aren’t alone. Almost every car buyer today has a vehicle they need to get rid of when they buy a new car. It could be an older car or a nearly-new model. Whatever the case, you want to know

Acura Care

What Does Acura Care Cover?

What’s Covered Under Acura Care Packages? If you’ve been a driver for any length of time, or if your parents had cars when you were growing up, you know that problems can happen from time to time. Some can be just pesky little issues while others are expensive to fix. What’s true for all car

Acura Model Lineup

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Acura?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Acura? You have the bug. A new Acura model has arrived on the market and you desperately want it to be yours. It would be awesome to just stop into the Jay Wolfe Acura and drive it away. But it’s not as easy as that, is

Tips on whether to trade or sell your car.

Trade In or Sell Your Car – It’s a Tough Decision!

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re likely browsing Jay Wolfe Acura’s listings for a new or pre-owned vehicle. That’s awesome, and it’s so nice to drive a new car. But you’re reading this because you have a decision to make. What do you do with your current car? Do you trade in or

Car Wash Near Jay Wolfe Acura

Is there a Nearby Car Wash?

You could spend hours shining up your Acura. It’s been the best car you’ve owned – at least, until the next Acura you buy. You take great care of your Acura MDX or RLX, or whatever model you drive. Sometimes you wash your car in the driveway by hand, and you diligently vacuum the interior.

How To Get the Best Trade In Value

You’d love to buy a brand new Acura. An Acura ILX is one of the most enjoyable compact sedans on the market. The award-winning Acura MDX is always a great choice. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the new Acura RDX to hit the showroom floor. But, there’s a problem: you own a car right now.

The Benefits of Choosing Acura Financial Services

Congratulations on your new Acura! Whether you’ve chosen the ILX sport sedan, the RLX luxury flagship sedan, the seven-seater MDX, the versatile RDX, or the insane Acura NSX, you’re going to love your vehicle. And if you’re purchasing or leasing your new Acura, you’re going to need a lender you can trust. It should be

What is a Branded Title?

Are you looking for a used car? Every year in the United States, millions of cars change hands in used car deals. They occur in private sales, on used car lots, and at dealerships nationwide. When you’re searching for the right vehicle for your needs, you’re probably looking for a good deal as well. Often,

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for the Car Lover

Every February 14th, Saint Valentine is honored. What originated as a tragic tale centuries ago is now an opportunity to celebrate romantic relationships and love. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift ideas for the car lover in your life, forget about chocolate and strawberries. Go straight to your local Acura dealer in

Can I Buy an Acura with Bad Credit?

Just look at the Acura lineup. With stunning designs like the Acura RDX and ILX, the performance of the MDX, and the luxury of the RLX, it’s no wonder everyone wants an Acura. There’s one important detail that prevents more people from buying Acura vehicles: bad credit. More than a third of the population in