The Benefits of Choosing Acura Financial Services

Congratulations on your new Acura! Whether you’ve chosen the ILX sport sedan, the RLX luxury flagship sedan, the seven-seater MDX, the versatile RDX, or the insane Acura NSX, you’re going to love your vehicle. And if you’re purchasing or leasing your new Acura, you’re going to need a lender you can trust. It should be Acura Financial Services.

Why Choose Acura Financial Services

If you’ve made the decision on an Acura luxury vehicle, you probably have a good grasp on your finances. That likely means you have a bank you work with on a regular basis too. While banking relationships are good, Acura Financial Services is the better option for your Acura lease or purchase, and here’s why.

You can lease with Acura Financial

If you ask your bank for a lease, you’ll get a funny look, then get shown the door. When you want to lease an Acura, you’ll need to go through Acura Financial. Leasing agreements are cost-effective and easy to navigate, but only available through the manufacturer’s financial services.

Interest Rates

Lower interest rates are one of the perks when you purchase an Acura vehicle from the dealership.

Your purchase is covered

When you purchase or lease your Acura through Acura Financial Services, you have the option to add Acura protection products and insurance to your payments. Depending on where you normally bank you may not be eligible to add anything extra to your loan.   There are several benefits to choosing Acura Financial Services, and you’ll be able to explore them all when you choose Jay Wolfe Acura as your dealer. With professional service and a great selection, why would you shop anywhere else?