Best Ice Cream Shops Near Jay Wolfe Acura

One of the best parts about summer is that edible frozen treat, ice cream. It’s available in virtually any imaginable flavor and is a great way to spend a summer evening with the family. Take it to the park, get it to go and chill out in the backyard, or eat it in the car (with napkins) on the way home from the pool. If you’re looking for an ice cream shop by Jay Wolfe Acura and nearby, you have plenty of choices. These are just a few of the best places you’ll find for the delicious dairy treat.

Betty Rae’s Ice Cream

It’s a little, family-owned ice cream parlor on Womall Road, and it’s fantastic. The options are nearly limitless with unique choices like Lavender Honey, Jasmine Green Tea, and Brown Butter & Toasted Pecans. Betty Rae’s Ice Cream is rated extremely well on Google, and guests rave about their waffle cones. Make it your next ice cream stop.

Glace Artisan Ice Cream

Known for their adventurous flavors and hand-crafted treats, Glace takes frozen dessert to a whole new, delicious level. Working up amazing concoctions like Coconut Ginger and Goat Cheese with Fig, Glace is a new experience every time you visit. It’s close by on Main Street.

Miami Ice

Offering non-traditional frozen treats is Miami Ice. If you prefer shaved ice to the creaminess of traditional ice cream, you’ll really like what they’re doing at Miami Ice. You can choose your flavor of shaved ice, which is in a snowcone. Best of all, it’s on top of a custard base in the cone – so tasty! Don’t forget to try their fresh fruit sherbets.

Marble Slab Creamery

It’s about the show as much as the ice cream at Marble Slab. Here, you can pick the fixins you want in your dessert and watch it chopped/blended/mixed in on a freezing-cold slab of marble. You won’t leave disappointed – the taste truly is as good as the show too!   Whatever cool treat you like best, you can get to your favorite spot in your new Acura. If you need to cool down even more, crank the air conditioning. Or, if you gave yourself brain freeze, turn on the heated seat to warm yourself from the bottom up.