Are You Cleaning Your Windows Correctly?

When you drive your Acura, there are a few constant things: you’re going to burn fuel, you’ll need to start, stop, and turn, and you need to see. If you’re having trouble seeing the road, it’s probably a matter of cleaning your windows. Are you doing it correctly, or are your windows worse after you’ve tried to clean them? While you don’t need a degree in quantum mechanics to clean your Acura’s windows, there are a few tips and tricks to get the job done well. As always, it starts with high-quality materials, otherwise your vision could be skewed by streaks and spots. You’ll need microfiber cloths and a high-quality glass cleaner like SprayWay or Invisible Glass.

Cleaning Your Windows Properly

Always start with a freshly-washed car. This gets the majority of dirt and dust off your exterior windows.

Clean the outer surface of the glass

Spray glass cleaner on the glass itself. If you’re using a foaming glass cleaner, let it foam up for 15 seconds before wiping it off. Don’t wipe in circles – instead, wipe in a vertical pattern, followed by a horizontal motion. Circles create streaky swirls. Repeat on all your exterior windows. You may need to tackle the windshield more than once to get all the bug guts and road grime off the glass.

Clean your windows on the inside

It’s a little different cleaning your inside glass. Spraying directly onto the windows will leave glass cleaner spots on the interior trim, which never looks good. Spray a good dose of glass cleaner onto your microfiber cloth. Then, wipe the window surface with the wetted cloth. It’s not as fast but it’s a cleaner process than spraying the window. Repeat it on all the windows on the interior.   Once you’ve cleaned all the window surfaces, check for streaks. If you notice streaks on the windows, clean the whole window once again. Cutting corners can leave distracting differences on the window.     You should wash your Acura weekly, but cleaning your windows is not necessary as frequently in most cases. You can usually do with window cleaning once a month, or even quarterly in some situations.