Does Your Acura Need an AC Inspection?

The dog days of summer have arrived. Daytime highs make you melt and overnight lows aren’t enough to cool you down. You wait for rain to get a break from the heat, but then the humidity is super uncomfortable. You go for a drive in your Acura to get some relief. And when you turn it on, you expect cold air to blow immediately…but it doesn’t. Is it time for an AC inspection? As much as you’d like it to, your Acura’s air conditioning won’t be perfect forever. The cold, hard fact is air conditioning performance starts to slide after just the first year, no matter what make or model you drive. But how do you know if your Acura needs an AC inspection or repair, and not just in the summer heat?

Signs You Need an AC Inspection

Your Air Conditioning Suddenly Stops Blowing Cold Air

If your Acura’s climate control system is working well one day and the next day it isn’t, there’s a problem. Whether there’s a leak in the air conditioning condenser, the A/C compressor has quit, or there’s an electrical issue, there’s a problem if it stops suddenly.

Your Foggy Windows Won’t Clear

If it’s rainy or humid and your windshield fogs up on the inside, it’s normal. But once you turn on the air conditioning, that humidity should clear up in just a few seconds. If it takes a long time to clear up or it stays foggy, you need an AC inspection to find out why.

The A/C Doesn’t Seem as Cold Anymore

Year to year, it might seem like your air conditioning doesn’t perform quite as well as it used to. That’s normal – all vehicles lose about 5 percent A/C efficiency annually. But after a few years, it’s noticeable enough that it needs to be addressed. If your Acura is more than three years old, it might be just a simple refrigerant recharge that’s necessary.

There’s a Funny Smell

An odd smell from the vents might mean your cabin air filter needs to be changed, or it can be a sign there’s a fault in your air conditioning system. A simple AC inspection can determine the cause and, most likely, it’s a simple remedy.   Have you noticed a decline in your Acura’s AC performance? We can help at Jay Wolfe Acura, and it starts with an AC inspection.