Get Your Acura Ready for Winter Driving

You’ve just experienced the newness of spring, the beauty of summer, and the gorgeous colors of fall. But now comes the season most people dread — winter. It comes with snow (sorry for swearing), subzero temperatures, and awful, frustrating winter driving. Living in Kansas City and the surrounding area, there’s no getting around it, unless you head south for six months. Most people have to stick around town for the most part in the winter. So instead of complaining, you might as well get used to winter driving. That task will be so much less stressful if your Acura is properly prepared.

What Should You Do To Prepare for Winter Driving?

Unlike vehicle from several decades ago that underwent a total change for winter, Acura vehicles don’t require a whole lot. You don’t have to change the grade of oil, nor do you have to flush the coolant and change your thermostat. It’s mainly just checking over your vehicle and ensuring everything is up to snuff.

Check your tires

Traction is the biggest concern for winter driving. If your tires are worn out, you could find yourself slip-sliding around when your want to come to a stop, turn, or accelerate. Have your tires checked to make sure enough tread remains to safely traverse the icy roads and freeways when the weather turns bad. While you’re at it, check your tire pressures. Uneven or low tire pressures can make you break loose when you should have good grip, even if your tire tread is alright.

Check your fluids

Now is a good time to get an oil change if it’s coming due. However, you don’t need to get winter oil. In fact, simply checking the fluid conditions and ensuring they are good to go for the winter should be enough. The coolant strength should be for a minimum of the coldest temperature you expect to see in the winter. The transmission fluid should be bright red, and the oil and brake fluids a golden brown color. If anything isn’t right, have it changed to prevent winter driving issues.

Get an alignment

If your wheel alignment is out of spec, you’ll find yourself fighting for control of your steering wheel. You just don’t need that stress in your life when there’s snow on the ground! Have a wheel alignment performed before winter hits so you can confidently drive your Acura no matter where the road leads you. If you need services performed to stay safe while winter driving, trust your Acura to the specialists at Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City. We know how best to keep your Acura safe to drive regardless of the season we are in. And if it’s time to upgrade your vehicle to a new Acura model, we can help you with that too!