Is Kelley Blue Book the Best Source for Trade Values?

If you have a vehicle to trade in when you’re shopping for a new Acura, you aren’t alone. Almost every car buyer today has a vehicle they need to get rid of when they buy a new car. It could be an older car or a nearly-new model. Whatever the case, you want to know you’re getting the best price for your vehicle. Is Kelley Blue Book the best source when you’re researching your car’s trade-in value? 

What Options Are Out There?

Whether your car is 10 years old or six months old, it’s still worth good money. You’d like to recoup as much of the money you invested in it as possible. What’s the best way to find out how much your used car is worth on trade? A few options exist in that space. Of course, you can research your Kelley Blue Book car value online at There’s also a similar research tool on the NADA Guides website. Both of these options take the vehicle details you enter to give you a good idea of how much your car is worth on trade.  It’s worth noting that both of these options require accurate, unbiased information to get you an accurate valuation for your trade-in. 

Is a Kelley Blue Book Value Accurate?

Your Blue Book value could be a shot in the arm or an arrow in the heart. But one thing you should consider is that Kelley Blue Book can’t be totally accurate – it can’t factor your vehicle history or the fluctuating market into the equation. Your car could be completely mint condition or in very rough shape. can’t tell the difference. Only an in-person appraisal can do that.  Your best bet for a trade-in appraisal toward your new Acura vehicle is to visit Jay Wolfe Acura. Not only will your vehicle’s condition be taken into consideration, but real-time market values, and wholesale and trade-in pricing will be used to give you top dollar for your trade.  At Jay Wolfe Acura, we know your business is earned. We’ll do everything in our power to give you a fair, accurate offer for your trade-in so you’ll drive away in one of our cars.