Is there a Nearby Car Wash?

You could spend hours shining up your Acura. It’s been the best car you’ve owned – at least, until the next Acura you buy. You take great care of your Acura MDX or RLX, or whatever model you drive. Sometimes you wash your car in the driveway by hand, and you diligently vacuum the interior. But from time to time, your Acura needs a wash and you don’t know when you’ll have time to do it. Is there a nearby car wash you can go to? If you live or work within a few miles of Jay Wolfe Acura, you’re in luck. There are several good nearby car wash facilities to choose from, even if they aren’t quite as good as doing it yourself.

Nearby Car Wash in Kansas City

Car Wash 103 Inc

If you want a nearby car wash, Car Wash 103 Inc is a great choice. Located on 103rd Street and Wornall Road, you can always count on a great job here. They pride themselves on getting your car in and out quickly with a top notch clean. They have a variety of car wash and care packages to help protect your investment.

Big Splash Car Wash

For a quick clean on the go, Big Splash Car Wash is a good option. You can choose from just a quick $7-dollar exterior clean or you can get the full meal deal, adding on upholstery cleaning or a hand wax. It’s at 8320 Wornall Rd.

Get Clean Car Wash

One nearby car wash that’s available for late-night car washes is Get Clean Car Wash. It might be an automatic car wash but that can do in a pinch. One added bonus is that the vacuums accept credit card payment, not just cash. It’s open 24 hours a day at 600 E Red Bridge Rd.

Jay Wolfe Acura

If you want your car cleaned by the people who know it best, choose Jay Wolfe Acura. Either make a special visit for detailing or add it onto your next service appointment. We’ll clean your Acura thoroughly and at a competitive price!