Jay Wolfe Acura – Toys for Tots

You’re probably at least peripherally familiar with Toys for Tots. They provide toys for less fortunate children to help give them a message of hope around the holidays. You may have even donated toys to them yourself this past holiday season. But how much do you really know about who they are and what they do? And how can you help them provide that message of hope to children around the country? m About Toys for Tots The Toys for Tots program is actually run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Founded in 1947 in Los Angeles, it’s currently based out of Triangle, Virginia. When it started out, Marine Reservists would collect old toys and refurbish them. However, since 1980, only new, unwrapped toys are now accepted. In 1995, the Toys for Tots program was approved as an official mission of the Marine Corps Reserves, and since then, it’s even received support from Michelle Obama, who placed the first collection box in the White House. As of 2013, the Toys for Tots program had collected and distributed over 469 million toys. But Toys for Tots does far more than just provide presents for children. Their mission of spreading hope also includes a literacy program, to help these children academically, and aid in their overall success throughout life. Getting Involved The holidays may be past, but Jay Wolfe Acura is still a proud sponsor of the Toys for Tots program—and you can be, too! Help isn’t just limited to toys at Christmastime. You can donate money to the program year round, as well as donate books for the literacy program. They also host events and drives throughout the year, to raise awareness of the program even when it’s not the holiday season. To learn more about what you can do to help the Toys for Tots program throughout the year, visit the Toys for Tots official website. And to learn more about how Jay Wolfe Acura helps support Toys for Tots, visit our Facebook Page.