Keep Your Acura in Tiptop Shape with These 5 Summer Car Care Tips

From your deck chair beside the pool, gazing through your sunglasses, you enjoy these hot summer days. It’s a refreshing break from the unpredictable weather throughout the rest of the year, and you’ll enjoy every moment you can. But your Acura doesn’t necessarily like it. If you haven’t paid much attention to your Acura since the winter, it could use some much needed summer car care. The summer heat and the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your car. If you haven’t kept up with your maintenance and car washes, the environment could be taking a serious toll on your Acura. Before anything serious occurs, take care of your car.

Perform These 5 Summer Car Care Tips Soon!

  1. Give your Acura a bath! Underneath the dirty exterior, something bad is happening. Salt and other corrosive substances could be eating into your paint. Once a week, wash your car to get rid of any harmful substances like bird droppings and tree sap. Your car’s finish will last longer and your car will look better.
  2. Clean your tires. Use a high-quality tire cleaner to restore your tires to a deep, dark black once again. When your sidewalls look gray, it’s usually because the rubber is dry, and that can lead to premature cracking. Tire cleaner – not tire shine – will keep your tires in good condition longer.
  3. Clean your windows. Clean windows can reflect the sun’s UV rays away easier not to mention give you better vision through the glass. Use a high-grade glass cleaner that doesn’t leave a residue to clean the inside and outside of the glass.
  4. Check your fluids. Your car’s fluids should always be clean, and replaced at the appropriate interval. Pay special attention to your engine coolant in the summertime as low coolant can cause your engine to overheat easily.
  5. Get your Acura’s battery tested. A battery loses life when it’s used at temperatures above 135F, and your engine bay often gets hotter than that! Have your battery tested annually to make sure it won’t leave you stranded. Remember, a battery typically lasts between three and five years.
  If you need your summer car care performed, don’t hesitate! Call or visit Jay Wolfe Acura to get your car’s needs looked after and prevent a problem this summer.