How Often Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

One of the most expensive maintenance items for your Acura, or any vehicle, are tire replacements. It’s unavoidable as tires will eventually wear out. City driving, aggressive acceleration, and hard braking can reduce the life of your tires. But one maintenance item can help extend your tire life more than you might think. It’s a tire rotation.

Why You Need a Tire Rotation

You undoubtedly have heard that you need to rotate the tires for proper maintenance, but you may not know why. It’s important to have your tires rotated so they wear evenly. While it might seem at first thought that they should wear the same, they don’t. The front tires steer your car and experience extra wear because of increased friction. The drive tires, whether it’s a front-wheel-drive Acura or AWD, wear down sooner. That can mean decreased traction with the tires that have less tread. Mismatched tire wear makes your Acura harder to control. That’s especially true when the road conditions are less than ideal. Rotating your tires creates even wear on all four tires. Regular tire rotations can get you longer tire life, reducing your maintenance costs. That’s a good thing.

How Often is a Tire Rotation Required?

Typically, tire rotations are recommended every 7,500 miles. On newer Acura models, the Maintenance Minder system incorporates your tire maintenance into its programming, so you don’t have to remember on your own. It can also vary your tire rotation interval based on your vehicle usage, decreasing maintenance costs even further. You’ll know your tire rotation is due when the Maintenance Minder 1 reminder is displayed on your screen. It’s a subcode in the menu, and it can be paired with either one of the main codes, A or B. Based on your recommended maintenance, the Maintenance Minder system could bump ahead or delay your tire rotation to fit with your main service. All you need to know is that when Maintenance Minder 1 is on, you need a tire rotation.   Whatever your Acura maintenance needs, we’re here to help. The professional team at Jay Wolfe Acura will make sure your vehicle gets the best, most accurate service possible to save you time and money.