Proper Wheel Maintenance – Keep Your Acura Looking Spiffy!

They are affected by a bunch of factors. Your wheels accumulate brake dust from everyday driving, oil and tar from the road surface, and dirt from normal driving conditions. Altogether, it turns your showroom-condition wheels all drab and dirty. Proper wheel maintenance can keep your Acura’s wheels looking sharp, showcasing the awesome car or SUV you chose.

Wash Your Wheels Regularly

Take your car to the car wash every week or so, especially when the weather is less than awesome. Pay special attention to your wheels when you wash your car. Scrub them with a soapy brush – don’t worry, the finish is durable! The sudsy wash is a wonderful assistance for your wheel maintenance, removing the grease and oil that your wheels collect.

Use a Safe Wheel Cleaner

Sometimes, road grime or tar can get on your wheels. Normal carwashes won’t take these substances off, so you’ll need to get a more aggressive cleaner for this stuff. Reputable companies like Meguiar’s have road tar and grime remover, perfect for dissolving the stuck-on messes from the surface. Afterwards, wash your wheels with soapy water to get the residue off.

Avoid Tire Shine

Tire shine looks great when it’s applied to your wheels, giving a ‘wet’ look that draws your eye. But it only takes a few miles for dust to dull that appearance as it sticks to the surface. Leave the tire shine on the shelf – simply wipe the wheel down with a microfiber cloth after you’ve washed it, giving the wheel its natural look. It’s going to stay cleaner this way too.

Keep Your Wheels Balanced

Sometimes, you might rub the curb accidentally or get a little too aggressive when cleaning your wheels. If you have a shimmy in the steering wheel at highway speeds, you may have knocked a wheel weight off. Bring your Acura to the dealership’s service department where your wheels can be rebalanced quickly and at a minimal cost.   In Kansas City, Jay Wolfe Acura can provide wheel maintenance for your Acura. Whether you need detailing services, wheel balancing or a wheel alignment, we’ll take care of it. Call us or stop in to discuss your needs.