Teach Your Teen Driver the Right Skills

Inevitably, your youthful offspring grow up to be members of society. For most, that journey includes a stop at the DMV to get a driver’s license. Even though they’re 15 when they can first get into the driver’s seat with an instruction permit, it feels like they just graduated out of pull-ups. And now, they’re a teen driver. Your first stop might be to renew your religious dedications. After that, you should take matters into your own hands. As a parent, you have the power to equip your teen driver with the right skills to build their abilities and responsibilities.

Positive Reinforcement for the Teen Driver

Perhaps the most important trait of a good driver is confidence. Confidence behind the wheel of a two-ton vehicle can mean the difference between an accident and a knowledgeable reaction to avoid a problem. The confidence required comes from the instructor – at least, initially. As a parent, that’s probably you. Whenever a new skill has been mastered, make sure your teen driver knows it. And when correction is required, acknowledge that your teen will figure it out in due time.

Teach Manual Skills

Today’s new vehicles are awash in technology, and that’s a good thing. However, a great driver knows how to operate a vehicle that is stripped down of fancy tech and comfort. Teach your teen driver to operate a vehicle safely without relying on the backup camera, LaneWatch, and Lake Keeping Assist features. Emphasizing the importance of shoulder checking and full attention on the road is crucial. Speaking of manual skills, learning to drive a standard transmission is incredibly helpful. Even when most cars in North America are equipped with automatic and CVT transmissions, learning to drive stick will serve a teen driver well when overseas.

Instruct About the Driver’s Responsibilities

In most cases, it’s your car they’re driving. Your teen driver has to know your rules and abide by them. Make sure they know how to fill the fuel tank, and make it their job whenever they borrow the car – even if you’re paying for it. And your car doesn’t clean itself. That’s the perfect job for a teen driver to show their appreciation for your instruction in driving skills.