Used Car Financing at Jay Wolfe Acura

Browse a dozen used car lots and you’ll find a dozen different used car financing opportunities. Everyone has their own offering, from short-term car loans to buy here pay here loans for bad credit. The problem is that used car financing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Everyone has unique needs. When you need to finance a pre-owned vehicle, there are factors that come into play. You want to buy a reliable car and from someone you can trust. You want a dealer whose used car financing reports to the credit bureaus and someone that also offers competitive rates. That’s often a tough combination to find.

The Right Used Car Financing

At an Acura dealer, you have the perfect combination. If you’re buying a used car, you can find all you need in one place with an Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

It’s the Right Vehicle Choice

With Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, you can choose an Acura model with some of the latest technology features and luxurious amenities. Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are Acura models that are less than five years old, have under 80,000 miles, and are purchased from an Acura dealer like Jay Wolfe Acura.

It’s a Trustworthy Choice

You can depend on your Acura being of the utmost reliability. Each Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle has undergone a 182-point inspection to ensure it’s up to standards. Whatever needs attention is completed previous to being offered for sale.

Above-Board Used Car Financing

Like buying a new car, your credit rating is what qualifies you for the best financing rates available. When you are approved, your loan shows on your credit report unlike buy here pay here financing.

Vehicle Service Contracts Available

Acura used car financing knows you want to keep your Acura in great shape. That’s why you can add a vehicle service contract to your used car financing. It splits your service contract into small amounts wrapped into your car payment. It also ensures you don’t have unwelcome surprise repair bills along the way.   An Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is a great choice. In Kansas City, you’ll find a wide selection of pre-owned Acura models at Jay Wolfe Acura. See us to find the best car for your needs, as well as the best used car financing options.