When do the Spark Plugs Need to be Changed on My Acura?

If you’ve driven a car that had a carbureted engine, one of the services that was pounded into your head was spark plug replacement. It seemed like every other oil change you’d need to replace fouled plugs, or at least once per year. But if you’re looking at today’s Acura vehicles, you’re probably wondering, “Where is spark plug replacement on the maintenance schedule?”

Why Spark Plug Replacement is Less Frequent

Whether you drive an Acura MDX, Acura ILX, or any other model, this service procedure isn’t nearly as common. Manufacturing clearances between the combustion chamber and the cylinder walls are might tighter so plugs don’t get oil-fouled as easily. Fuel systems are drastically more advanced and efficient so gas-fouled plugs are less common. And plug designs has come a long way with iridium spark plugs that can last years longer than older styles.   It’s still possible to have tune-up related problems. It could be a misfire from a faulty plug or an ignition coil has failed. But all too often, it’s an emissions-related concern instead. 

Do They Need to be Changed at All?

Yes, eventually you’ll need to have your spark plugs replaced. The center electrode will wear down over time and many, many hours of operation. However, for Acura owners who change their vehicles before the warranty has expired likely will never see this service come up. 

Acura Spark Plug Replacement Interval

On vehicles like the Acura RDX, RLX, TLX, and other current models in the United States with the Maintenance Minder system, spark plugs are included in one of the more infrequent services. When you see Maintenance Minder 4 displayed, it’s time for this in-depth maintenance visit.  Maintenance Minder 4 includes timing belt and water pump replacement, as well as valve clearance inspection and adjustment if required. And yes, this is the time the spark plugs are swapped out for a new set.  How often it comes up depends on your usage. For most drivers, you can expect the Maintenance Minder 4 message to come up at between 160k and 170k miles. That’s a lot of driving!   Whether you have a Maintenance Minder A or B message, or The Maintenance Minder 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 reminder come up, Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City can take care of it for you. Expert technicians and friendly, knowledgeable staff will exceed your expectations as we get the job done right for you.