Winter Car Care Tips for Your Acura

In the depths of these cold months, your car probably isn’t on the forefront of your thoughts. You’re just trying to make it through without frostbite, right? Maybe all you need is a little bit of distraction, and to do some good at the same time. Maybe a bit of winter car care will take your mind off the cold for just a little while. It might seem like an exercise in futility. Dealing with that mess in and on your Acura right now will just be negated the moment you get on the road once again. But it’s not all for nothing. Here are a few winter car care tips for your Acura, and how they can help.

Get a Car Wash

That slush, snow, sand, and dirt accumulate in all the worst places. They pack your wheel wells, clog up your door jambs, and plaster your windows. Your car looks filthy, but there’s more to it than that. The salt and sand used to help you get traction can aid in the development of corrosion. Wash your Acura thoroughly and regularly, including the undercarriage. Getting rid of all the grit that builds up can prevent premature rust, reducing future repair costs and keeping your vehicle on the road longer. And it just looks nice.

Wax Your Car

It sounds a little ridiculous, I know. You’re not going to any car shows – your car is just transportation at this point. Applying a good car wax is just as beneficial in the winter as it is in the summer. A freshly-waxed car exterior can help repel snow and ice from sticking while protecting your paint from harmful salt. Wax your car at the onset of winter, then again when it’s half over. It will protect your Acura…and it just looks good.

Get Floor Mats

Clean your carpets well, then put down a set of Acura rubber floor mats. These precision-cut accessories will keep your carpet in good condition for quite some time. All the water, snow and sand from your shoes gets caught in the mat, making cleanup easy and quick.   Choose the expert team at Jay Wolfe Acura for your winter car care professionals. Whether you need detailing services, Acura accessories, or winter Acura repairs, we’re here for you!