5 Things You Can Do To Thank a Vet

In ‘The Land of the Free’, we set aside a day every year to honor those who have made the incredible sacrifice of service in the armed forces. These brave men and women risk life and limb to make our great country safe. Whether it’s serving in the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, or the Coast Guard, we can sleep well at night knowing these guardians are protecting us. And for that, every November 11th is known as Veterans Day. It’s not just another day that most of us don’t have to work. It’s a day of remembrance, letting us focus on honoring and thanking those who keep us safe. Need ideas on how to thank a vet? Here are a few to help you out.

Attend a Veterans Day Service

In every city across the country, services are held the remember the sacrifice veterans make for us. This goes even more so for those who gave their lives to keep America free. Search out a service nearby. Put on your Sunday best to show respect for our American heroes and bring a few tissues. There are likely to be some heart-wrenching stories told.

Give to Veterans Support

Many vets suffer lifelong physical and mental impairments from their time in service to their country. There are great places that care for our vets wellbeing, but they aren’t free. Donate to your local veterans charity or hospital. It goes a step further than just saying thanks.

Get Personal with a Vet

If you have a veteran in your family or in your social circles, get together with them for an intentional time of appreciation. Let them talk about their time in service to their country and just listen. Do things they like doing, whether fishing, going to a movie, or taking in a pint.

Write a Note

As a family, make sure everyone gets involved with Veterans Day. Reiterate the importance of the day, then have everyone write notes to thank veterans for everything they do.

Visit a Veterans Hospital

Vets that suffer injuries or debilitating impairments can be confined to a hospital bed, often with few visitors. Show them you care and appreciate what they’ve done for you by visiting. If you’ve written notes, deliver them to the individuals. Give hugs and spend some time with the vets, listening to anything they have to say. This Veterans Day, show the people who serve in the military that you care. But it doesn’t have to be just once a year — extend a handshake or hug to veterans you come across anytime of the year. From all of us at Jay Wolfe Acura, we’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to America’s veterans.