Five New Driver Mistakes to Avoid

When you get behind the wheel of a car, it’s more than just transportation. It’s an experience, especially if you drive an Acura. There’s a symphonic audio system, more comfort settings than you can imagine, and options you have yet to figure out. For a new driver, that can be a big problem as your attention should be on the road ahead. If you’re teaching someone how to drive, or if you’re a brand new driver yourself, it’s easy to be distracted and end up making a mistake. And when you’re driving a vehicle, mistakes can end in tragedy.

Here are five mistakes new drivers make that you can avoid:

  1. Texting and driving. You already know how dangerous it is to text and drive, but it bears reinforcing. No one is exempt from the dangers of texting and driving, although new drivers are more susceptible to mistakes.
  2. Adjusting the radio. If there’s a song you don’t like, you can bear with it until you come to a stop. There’s no need to change the radio station or the volume by reaching for the radio display. If you have steering wheel controls like many Acuras do, that’s a different story…
  3. Shortsighted driving. Not only will you give your passengers motion sickness from constant corrections, but shortsighted driving can cause accidents due to panic braking. Keep your vision further down the road.
  4. Unplanned routes. When you set out for your destination in your Acura, set the navigation system for turn-by-turn directions. If you don’t have NAV, plan out your route ahead of time. It will save you time by preventing wrong turns and will ensure a safe route to get there safely.
  5. Losing control of the vehicle. Your Acura is powerful and fun to drive, but it can be surprising to a new driver. Always use the brake and accelerator pedals carefully, learning how they react before actually hitting the highway.