How is Your Acura Suspension Doing?

One of the most common reasons for owning an Acura is its incredible handling. Some of that may have to do with available Precision All-Wheel Steer or Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive, which keeps your Acura moving in the direction you point the steering wheel. Another aspect that plays a major role in your Acura’s precise handling is its suspension.

What’s in the Suspension?

Acura vehicles predominantly use MacPherson struts at all four corners. These struts are a proven design and are used widely in the industry. They provide excellent damping over bumps and do a fantastic job of isolating vibration and noise. What set the Acura’s struts apart is the use of Amplitude Reactive Dampers. That’s a fancy way of saying two springs inside that function depending on the amount of force exerted on them. Acura models also use multi-link rear suspension systems. It’s a system of arms that keeps the wheel positioned properly under the rear of your vehicle yet allows for vertical travel. The links also absorb vibration before it transfers inside your vehicle.

How is Your Suspension Doing?

Over time, your suspension components develop wear and tear. Rubber bushings dry out and harden, losing their ability to absorb vibration. They can also cause noises like clunking and rattling under your Acura. Struts can develop leaks or the springs can get soft. The ride quality begins to show signs of age, whether you notice bumps more than before or there’s a bit of excessive bouncing. While Acura suspension systems are incredibly reliable and well-built, you’ll eventually need to replace components due to wear. You can expect your struts to last around 60,000 miles or before they need replacement. When you do need to change them, replace them in pairs for even ride quality from side to side. Bushings and suspension links can be replaced as necessary – your Acura technician will advise you when they need to be done. As with all steering and suspension work, have a wheel alignment performed at the same time to prevent abnormal tire wear.   When you need steering or suspension work on your Acura in Kansas City, choose the experts at Jay Wolfe Acura. With factory-trained technicians and friendly service staff, we’ll get your Acura back to its old self in no time.