Car Maintenance You Should Never Skip

You’re visiting the service department for your routine oil and filter change. According to the service advisor, there’s more that needs to be done at the time and mileage you’re at. You double check the car maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, and they’re right. There’s more to be done. You might not have made time for it, or it might cost more than you thought you’d be spending on your Acura’s visit today. There’s a reason for the car maintenance items in the schedule, though. If you decide to delay something that’s due or skip it altogether, it could become a big deal. It could require repairs sooner, or it could result in a breakdown that costs you time and money. Here are five car maintenance items you should never skip.

Car Maintenance You Should Never Skip

Routine Oil Changes

It goes without saying. Your engine needs fresh, clean oil to properly lubricate, cool, and cleanse inside your engine. Skipping an oil change can have disastrous results including a seized engine, excessive engine wear, and overheating. Don’t skip oil changes, and try to keep them done on time.

Transmission Fluid Changes

Due much less frequently than engine oil changes, the transmission fluid change has the same purpose. The old fluid has contaminants that need to come out of the gearbox, and the fluid loses its lubricating qualities after time. Neglecting transmission fluid changes will eventually come at the cost of transmission repairs or replacement.

Coolant Flushes

Engine coolant is good for approximately five years, but not much more. Reactions with metals inside the engine can create acidity in the coolant, and it will cause corrosion and deposits in the fluid. All sorts of problems can come up, especially overheating.

Brake Fluid Changes

Brake fluid is designed to absorb water particles, preventing corrosion on the inside of brake lines and hydraulic components. But once there’s more water than the fluid can handle, it needs to be changed. If it isn’t done in routine car maintenance, brake fade, a spongy pedal, and premature failure on brake components can result.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt ties together the top and bottom ends of your engine with a reinforced rubber belt. That belt won’t last forever, though, and will need to be changed according to your Acura’s car maintenance schedule. If it isn’t done on time or you don’t think it’s necessary, a world of hurt can result. The belt may break and, instead of an inconvenient car maintenance visit, you’ll need extensive engine repairs.   Does your Acura need car maintenance? Jay Wolfe Acura is the best place to bring it. We’ll advise you on which ca maintenance items are due, and why they are important.