What Does AcuraWatch Do For You?

Perhaps someone in the backseat dropped their toy on the floor, and you’ve reached back to pick it up. It may be that you’re more tired than you initially thought when you got in the driver’s seat. Or maybe someone pulled out in front of your Acura and you don’t have time to react. These scenarios are the reason why you want an Acura equipped with AcuraWatch.

What is AcuraWatch?

It’s a suite of safety features that make your drive just a little more secure. First introduced on the 2016 Acura MDX, you’ll find AcuraWatch available on all Acura models. It used a forward-mounted camera and radar to detect potential problems ahead of you. If you don’t respond to its cues in time, it can even act on your behalf. It consists of three distinct systems:
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System. When you’re fast approaching someone or something ahead of you, the camera and radar notice. You’ll get a warning that you need to brake. If you don’t respond in time, CMBS can apply the brakes for you, helping to avoid the collision or mitigating the impact you experience.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System. If you aren’t paying attention or are nodding off at the wheel, you could drift outside your lane. Using the forward-facing camera, LKAS determines when you’re getting close to the lane markers. It will notify you, and it can even ‘bump’ your steering to help keep you centered in your lane.
  • Road Departure Mitigation System. Like LKAS, Road Departure Mitigation uses the camera to determine when you’re on course to leave the course. If it looks like you’re about to leave the road, an audible and visual warning will alert you. RDMS can even apply the brakes if it’s imminent that you’ll leave the road, reducing the effects of a potential collision.
  AcuraWatch is an invaluable suite of safety technologies. It’s available on all Acura models, and can help save you from the effects of an accident. Find your next Acura model equipped with AcuraWatch at your local dealer in Kansas City, Jay Wolfe Acura.