You Don’t Need an Acura Extended Warranty…Do You?

Choose any Acura – an ILX compact car, an RDX crossover SUV, an RLX premium sedan, or any other model. What you’re getting is a precision driving machine, and a car that you can depend on more than the rest. It’s something that Acura takes great pride in, and it’s one of the things that helps Acura models hold their value. So then, nothing will ever go wrong, right? And it means that buying an Acura extended warranty isn’t necessary, correct? Actually, that’s not quite how it works. Even though an Acura is MORE dependable than other makes, it’s still possible for problems to happen. That’s why there’s warranty on a new car in the first place – to correct any issues, however infrequent, that do arise. As well, as a vehicle ages, its parts will eventually be more prone to failure. Nothing lasts forever, which is why an Acura extended warranty is a great idea. Even for an Acura!

Why Buying an Acura Extended Warranty is Smart

Save Money on Expensive Repairs

Price out any repair on an Acura and you’ll see how expensive it can be to fix a concern. Whether it’s an audio system problem, a Check Engine light repair, a sensor issue, an engine noise, or suspension fault, it adds up quick. Most minor Acura repairs are hundreds of dollars between parts and labor. Major concerns can be much higher. An Acura extended warranty mitigates most unexpected repair costs during its term.

Added Benefits

Trip Interruption, Emergency Roadside Assistance, and rental car reimbursement are just a few of the added benefits. When you buy an Acura extended warranty, it’s more than just repair costs that are covered. It’s the extras you haven’t considered that add to the overall benefit.  

Peace of Mind

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. Life is full of surprises, but your car’s health shouldn’t be one. With an Acura extended warranty, you’ll always have full confidence that your vehicle is protected.   When you’re shopping for your next Acura, consider an extended warranty for your purchase or lease. In Kansas City, you can get more information right here at Jay Wolfe Acura. We want your ownership experience to be the best it can be.