Five Acura Service Items To Have The Dealer Perform

Now that you own an Acura, you might be wondering what it takes to care for your new vehicle. It’s just the basics, isn’t it? You know the drill — change the oil, change the spark plugs, fill the washer fluid. Isn’t that all the Acura service you need? Vehicle maintenance has come a long way since the days of just oil changes, spark plugs, and air filters. The reason other maintenance wasn’t required on older cars is because things broke down more often and needed to be replaced. With vehicles lasting much, much longer with fewer problems, it’s more important than ever to properly service your vehicle.

But which Acura service items should you have the dealer perform for you?

You can take care of some items on your own such as replacing the air filter and checking your tire pressures, but your Acura dealer is the best place for Acura service otherwise. Check out these maintenance items that are best done by the dealer.

Transmission fluid service

Your transmission operates like clockwork. It’s one of the most durable components in your Acura, but it has fluid inside that needs to be replaced approximately every 60,000 miles. It’s best to have your dealer service the transmission so the filter can be changed if required, and so you know that the correct fluid is being used. Improperly performed, you could have a repair on your hands that could cost thousands.

Brake replacement

With an item that is so important to your safety, why would you trust anyone else other than the people who know your vehicle best? Your Acura service department uses high-quality Acura parts so you can rest assured they are meant specifically for your vehicle. If you go to the “other guys”, do you know what parts you’re getting?

Timing belt replacement

There’s one part that is completely integral to your engine’s operation — the timing belt. If it’s stretched or broken, your car won’t run, at least not properly. Your Acura dealer won’t take chances on aftermarket or economy-grade timing belts that could fail prematurely. You’ll get an Acura Genuine part backed by Acura.

Tire services

Although there are places that say they are tire specialists, they aren’t your best choice for Acura service. When you have tire services done at your Acura dealer, you’ll get the eyes of a factory-trained technician looking your vehicle over. If anything else needs attention, you’ll be made aware. Will the tire shop have the same discerning eyes?

Oil and filter changes

Sure, you can go anywhere for an oil change, but only your Acura dealer has Acura Genuine oil filters specifically designed for your vehicle. That means better filtration and optimum oil flow for the most reliable engine operation. Besides, can you be sure the lube shop on the corner is using the right grade of oil?   If you need one of these Acura services or any others, feel free to call or drop in at Jay Wolfe Acura. Our Acura service specialists will help you determine exactly what maintenance your Acura requires — all at a competitive price!