Is Your Check Engine Light On? Here’s What to Do

As soon as that little yellow light pops on, you just can’t ignore it. As much as you want to pretend that it’s not there, it causes you anxiety every time you start your car. It’s the Check Engine light and it’s important. Here’s the good thing: your Acura is among the best designed and most reliable vehicles available today, so likely you’ll only see the Check Engine light during the bulb check when you first start your car. In the uncommon event that the light comes on otherwise, here are a few tips to dealing with it right.

Check a few common concerns

Ninety percent of the time, the Check Engine light comes on for minor issues that can be prevented or easily corrected. The most common problem is the fuel cap, which may be left off or not fully tightened after refueling at the gas station. The emissions system thinks there’s a massive fuel leak because the fuel tank won’t pressurize, so it turns on the Check Engine light. Tightening the cap is often all that’s required to clear the code and turn off the light. A dirty, clogged air filter can also cause the Check Engine light to come on. It’s because the engine can’t get enough air to run smoothly because of the restriction. Replace a clogged air filter, and the light may clear in just a few short drives. Otherwise, pop in at Jay Wolfe Acura for a diagnosis and repair.

Determine if your Acura is running normally

Is your engine running as usual? Is your transmission shifting like it always has? Do you notice any different smells, or leaks underneath? If your vehicle is operating differently, you should bring it into the dealership for proper diagnosis and repair. If left undiagnosed, any problems can be further complicated and more costly than prompt action. If your Acura seems to be running alright, you should still get it checked out, though it’s probably not as urgent.

Is the Check Engine light flashing?

Very rarely, the Check Engine light will flash, but only in extreme circumstances. This indicates that your vehicle requires immediate attention, and it’s likely best to stop driving and have your vehicle towed into the dealership for repairs to prevent a breakdown. Is your Check Engine light is on? We’re here to help. Bring your Acura to Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City for diagnosis and repair. We’ll get you back on the road in no time!