How to Enter Radio Code for Your Acura

How to Enter Radio Code for Your Acura

Driving in silence is no fun at all. And yet, that’s likely the case if you’ve had a dead battery. After boosting or recharging your Acura’s battery, the radio screen is blank except for four letters: “C-O-D-E”. How do you fix it and get back to singing “Sweet Child of Mine” at the top of your lungs, accompanied? Here’s how to enter radio code for your Acura.

How to Enter Acura Radio Codes

Obtain the radio code for your car

Honestly, finding the radio code for your Acura is usually the most challenging step of them all. If you’ve purchased your Acura new, the radio code was probably in the glove box at the time of delivery, labeled Anti-theft Radio Identification Card. You may also find it on a label on the side of the glove box or on the underside of the fuse panel lid under the hood. If you can’t find the code, you can request it online at With your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), ZIP code, phone number, email address, and the Serial Number from the radio, you can request the radio code from Acura. If you have Navigation too, you need to request the NAVI code also. Just check the box “I have two devices”.

Press the power button until CODE displays

Once CODE is shown on the radio display, you can enter the code in.

Type in the code

The five-digit radio code corresponds to your radio preset buttons. Type the number into your radio with those presets. When you press the first number, the screen will display only a C. Press the second number and the O appears. After numbers three and four of the radio code, D and E show up. Then, when you press the fifth number, the radio unlocks and you radio restores its normal operation. If you have Acura Navigation also, you’ll need to enter the NAVI code in the same way.