How To Get the Best Trade In Value

You’d love to buy a brand new Acura. An Acura ILX is one of the most enjoyable compact sedans on the market. The award-winning Acura MDX is always a great choice. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the new Acura RDX to hit the showroom floor. But, there’s a problem: you own a car right now. You’re worried that you won’t get the trade in value that you need. It’s an understandable concern. But there are a few things you can do to get you the best trade in value for your vehicle.

Get the Best Trade In Value

Gather Your Service Records

Keep all your service records in one folder. When you’re discussing the car you want to trade in, present your folder to the appraiser. It shows you’ve taken care of your car, and that means the dealership has fewer reservations. They can give you a better trade in value because you have proof your car has been cared for.

Detail Your Vehicle

Tip to tail, give your car a good cleaning. Whether it’s an older car or a nearly-new model, a clean car presents very well. Wash the exterior, vacuum the carpets and upholstery, and wipe down vinyl and leather. Take any personal belongings and garbage out! The best idea is a full detailing – the dealership won’t have to do it later on.

Fix the Small Things

Do you have a warning light on or a maintenance reminder illuminated? Those are things that can take away from your trade in value. Eliminate as many negative things as you can so you can get the best trade in value toward your new Acura.

Bring Your Trade to Jay Wolfe Acura

If you want a fair price for your trade in, take it to a dealership you can trust. Jay Wolfe Acura has a proven track record of dealing fairly with customers. Plus, you can be sure you’ll have a fantastic experience buying your new Acura. If you want a great trade in value, no matter which make or model you own right now, come see us.