The Joys of Winter Driving…

There aren’t a great many people who enjoy winter driving in the blustery, freezing-cold climate of Kansas City. The roads get slick, other drivers get in the way, and traffic comes to a standstill. But for you in your Acura, winter driving isn’t such a chore.   When you have the right vehicle and you’re equipped for the weather, winter driving isn’t such a big deal. Here are a few tips to get your vehicle ready for the winter.  

Winter Tires for Winter Driving

The most difficult part of driving in the snow and ice is getting traction. All-season tires are made of rubber that hardens below 45F, and then they act like a hockey puck sliding on ice. To get the best traction in winter driving, equip your Acura with a set of winter tires. Just make sure to change them back to summer or all-season tires in the spring.  

Have Your Seasonal Maintenance Performed

You can eliminate some of the potential mishaps in the winter simply through preventative maintenance. Have your vehicle serviced and inspected to make sure everything is in order. Get your oil changed if needed, check your fluids, and make sure your belts and hoses are in good condition. That way, you won’t have to worry about a breakdown.  

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car

If the weather turns, you can get stuck. Another driver can cause an accident. Or, you might come upon the scene of a critical situation. Have an emergency kit on hand, complete with a first aid kit, fresh water, high-calorie snacks, and basic tools, so you can lend a hand in an emergency.  

Check Your Battery

In the winter, you never want to worry that your car won’t start. Have your battery checked to make sure it’s holding a full charge. If it’s not, have your battery replaced with a high-quality battery. Remember, batteries typically last from three to five years before replacement is required.  

Change Your Wiper Blades

You can’t drive safely if you can’t see. For the small cost, change your wiper blades before winter hits so you can clear the snow from your windshield. And always clean your windows before heading out on the road.