Is Rust Proofing Right for Your Acura?

You’ve settled on the car that fits your needs and agreed to a price. So far, so good! Then you’re presented a bunch of other options. Now you’re stuck. Do you need these extras for your new vehicle? Are items like rust proofing really a benefit for you? You may doubt if rust proofing is necessary on your new purchase, but here are a few thoughts that may help you decide for yourself.

Your vehicle isn’t an investment

It’s true — vehicles depreciate in value. With every mile you tack onto the odometer, the value drops a little. There’s a way to slow the depreciation a bit, and that’s by keeping your car in the best condition possible. Rust and corrosion aren’t just fast-spreading cancers for your car — they bring down your resale value dramatically. Your car simply doesn’t look as nice as it could, and rust can take years off a vehicle’s useful life.

Rust proofing helps retain your Acura’s value

When you have rust proofing applied to your new Acura, it shows you’ve thought ahead about your car’s future. The extra care you put into it now will reap rewards when it comes time to sell it to make room for your next Acura. When your vehicle continues to look good for years to come, the next owner will be willing to pay more for it. And by showing that it has been applied, you can coax a few extra dollars on trade-in or sale.

It protects against corrosion

It’s precisely what the name implies. Rust proofing creates a barrier on your car’s metal components. These surfaces are prone to rust and corrosion from road salt and sand, and especially moisture. Rust proofing repels these elements so they can’t deteriorate your vehicle’s appearance or value prematurely. No matter if you keep your vehicle for a year or for ten years, rust proofing is a great investment to keep your Acura looking great and operating at its best. Ask the professional staff at Jay Wolfe Acura how you can get rust proofing for your car.