Do I Need An Extended Warranty for my Acura?

It’s a common question that we get asked regularly: “Why do I need an extended warranty on my Acura?” Here’s the answer: we hope you don’t need it. You won’t find a better car for the price. Acura cars and SUVS from the ILX to the RLX and MDX are highly rated, well-built, and dependable vehicles. You’ve got the perfect blend of performance, luxury, and efficiency all in one package. Like all carmakers nowadays, all of those features are more complex than ever. Engine are built to tighter tolerances with more power per displacement, and electrical systems use more sensors and modules. There are miles and miles of wires in your vehicle to tie it all together, and even your steering and suspension systems are fine-tuned for precision handling. What that means is that repairs are more costly than ever. And, while major repairs are less common than ever, having to pay for a major repair can hurt the pocketbook. Your new Acura comes with a 4-year/50,000-mile comprehensive warranty, and the powertrain warranty is up to 6 years and 70,000 miles. That’s pretty good on its own, but you’re not going to let go of your Acura that quickly. An Acura Plus Extended Warranty will provide coverage long after your factory warranty is up. Here are a few more reasons you should invest in an Acura Plus Extended Warranty:

  • Car repairs never happen when you can afford it. By buying an Acura Plus Extended Warranty, you’re essentially taking care of any future major repair expenses that can crop up. If you can’t afford a major car repair just after you get the Christmas bills, you should probably get an extended warranty.
  • It’s an insurance policy for your car. Like any other insurance, you hope you don’t have to use it, but can rest a little easier knowing the policy is in place. Extended warranty works the same way, providing peace of mind that any car problems you may run into will be cared for worry-free.
  • It increases your resale value. If you decide you absolutely MUST upgrade to the newest Acura that just rolled out, your extended warranty is transferrable to a new owner. It also shows you take care of your car, emphasizing its value to prospective buyers.
  • You get certified Acura repairs. With Acura Plus Extended Warranty, Genuine Acura parts are used for repairs and knowledgeable, factory-trained Acura technicians perform the repairs. You can rest assured your extended warranty repairs will be done to the highest standard.
  Acura Plus Extended Warranty is an investment in your car, although we hope you don’t need to use it. For more information, contact one of our sales professionals at Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City.