Ready to Trade In Your Car? Here’s How to Get The Most Value

Few things are as exhilarating as buying a new car. The experience of discovering the latest Acura models, learning their features, and test driving you next vehicle can make even the steeliest heart flutter. But it’s back to reality when you remember you have a car right now. How will you get the most value for it on trade in? Getting the best price on your trade in isn’t as hard as it seems. Your salesperson wants to strike a deal with you, so they’ll do everything in their power to get you the best value. All you have to do is help them a little. Here are a few tips:

Fix the noticeable problems on your trade in

If there are minor issues that can be corrected inexpensively, they’ll pay off in the long run. If your Check Engine light is on, your brakes are squealing, or your steering wheel pulls to one side when you’re driving, those are clear indications your car is going to need repairs before the dealership can retail it. Invest a little money to eliminate as many negative points as possible so the salesperson can value your car higher.

Make sure your tires are decent

You don’t have to have new tread on your car, but you need to have SOME tread. Tires aren’t cheap, and if your tires are worn out you can expect a lower trade in valuation. Make sure you have at least half the tread remaining or change your tires. You’ll get at least your tires’ value back in return.

Clean your car up

You’re trying to “wow” the person valuing your trade in. Nothing says you care for your car like keeping it clean. Wash and vacuum the car, clean out the garbage, and shampoo the carpets and seats if they are badly stained.

Get minor body flaws corrected

If there are small dents or scuffs, take care of them before you trade in your car. It’s eliminating the negative points the appraiser can find so you’ll be able to get more for your vehicle in exchange. Whether you drive an Acura or any other brand, we’ll help you get into your next vehicle at Jay Wolfe Acura. We’ll give you the best price for your trade in because we want to see you in our car!