How Often Does My Acura Need a Brake Job?

You’re driving down the interstate, on your way for gelato at Glace. Every highway exit, stop light, stop sign – every time you touch the brake pedal, in fact – there’s that awful squealing noise. You suspect your brake pads are worn out, but you’ve already had them replaced at the dealership once before. How often does your Acura need a brake job?

How Long Do Brakes Last?

How long your brakes will last totally depends on how you use them. Someone who drives almost exclusively on the highway will get more mileage from their brakes. Obviously, it’s because the brakes are used less frequently when you drive on the open highway. If you drive in the constant stop-and-go environment inside the city, your brakes experience more wear. You’ll need to replace them sooner. On average, a set of brake pads can last from approximately 30,000 miles in strict city operation to 60,000 miles – or even more – with just highway driving. Timewise, that all depends on how many miles you accumulate in a year. For most people, that’s at least two to three years on a set of brake pads.

Signs you Need a Brake Job

Squealing doesn’t always indicate you need a brake job, but it might. It could also just be dirt, sand, or some other substance that’s worked its way onto your brake pads, causing noise when they press against the brake rotors. Other signs include:
  • Grinding noises when you press the brake pedal.
  • Scraping noise when you’re driving, even with no pressure on the brake pedal at all.
  • A rough vibration in the brake pedal when you press the brakes.
  • Increased stopping distance or more effort required to press the brake pedal.
  If you suspect your Acura needs a brake job, bring it in to Jay Wolfe Acura. We’ll look over your brakes and give you a report on their health. We’ll advise you how best to care for your vehicle – whether you need new brake pads, pads and rotors, or simply a brake cleaning and adjustment. You can experience all of this along with friendly service and an inviting environment. Book an appointment today!