Is an Acura Sport Hybrid Right For You?

You’ve owned cars for years, but they’ve always been gas-powered. Hybrid technology has been on the market for decades now. But, you’ve never taken the plunge. High-quality carmakers like Acura build high-performance vehicles using sport hybrid technology too, offering excellent fuel mileage to go with the exceptional luxury inside. But is an Acura sport hybrid model right for you?  

What is Sport Hybrid All About?

Simply, it’s a blend of a traditional gas-powered engine and electric motors. Together, they offer a seamless driving experience with the best fuel mileage you can possibly expect. An electric motor is sandwiched between the gas-powered V-6 engine and the transmission. Under light loads, the gas engine can shut off and the electric motor takes over. At the assist wheels – the front wheels on the NSX and the rear wheels on the RLX and MDX – a twin motor unit provides direct power to the wheels for incredible response and control. These motors are powered by a battery pack mounted low in the chassis. Power is regenerated and collected during events like braking, making the sport hybrid exceedingly efficient.

Is an Acura Sport Hybrid Right for You?

Whether you drive primarily on the highway or in the city, the Acura sport hybrid will be a great benefit to you. You’ll enjoy quiet operation when the powertrain switches to electric power. Pass by more gas stations than before. You’ll feel the direct torque and increased performance the electric motors provide. And you’ll be able to sleep easier, knowing you’ve contributed to a green initiative.   Acura’s Sport Hybrid systems are currently available in three models. They are the Acura RLX, the Acura MDX, and Acura’s halo car, the Acura NSX. If you need to experience the hybrid system in action, you can do so at Jay Wolfe Acura in Kansas City. Here, we believe in the products we offer. We would be happy to show you exactly how an Acura Sport Hybrid would benefit you.