Should You Buy an Acura with a Salvage Title?

Anytime you browse classified ads or online car listings, there’s going to be one car that’s priced way lower than it should be. It seems like a deal that’s too good to be true. It could be thousands of dollars below the average price and it might even look like it’s in perfect shape. Low mileage, ‘recently serviced’, shiny paint – it all looks good. But at the bottom of the ad, there are two words printed – Salvage Title. It’s slipped into the fine print like it’s no big deal. Buying a, Acura with a salvage title probably isn’t something you want to get into, though. While it might end up being a good car for you, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll be frustrated and lose money on it in the long run.

Why You Should Avoid Buying an Acura with a Salvage Title

To clarify, a car with a salvage title has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company. It could’ve been a major accident, a theft, or hail damage. What’s important to know is that a car with a salvage title was previously deemed too costly to repair. Here are a few reasons you should avoid an Acura with a salvage title.

Unknown Repairs

You have no idea what needed to be done to get the car back up and running. Perhaps it needed major suspension or steering work, or a whole new subframe or quarter panel replaced. Not only do you not know how extensive the repairs were, you don’t know if they were fixed properly!

No Warranty

It’s been deemed a total loss, and there’s no longer warranty from the manufacturer. Because it may have been repaired with used parts, aftermarket components, and assembled in someone’s backyard, you’ll be on your own for any and all repair costs. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Won’t Last as Long

After a major accident, a car is never quite the same. Plus, any used or economy parts that were installed aren’t as reliable as the original. Repaired panels could rust sooner, or you could break down frequently. A car with a salvage title simply doesn’t have the same reliability.   Luckily, at Jay Wolfe Acura you won’t find any cars with a salvage title for sale. All our pre-owned inventory has been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned so you can trust it to last!