Top 5 Myths About Used Cars

So you’ve decided to buy a new car. Well, maybe not a new car exactly but a different one. You’d really like to drive a new Acura off the showroom floor but that’s just not in the cards now. You’re looking at used cars but get heart palpitations and sweaty palms when you think about it. Buying a pre-owned car can bring out the nerves, but it shouldn’t be like that. Here are the top 5 myths you’ll encounter about used cars.

“Used cars need work”

It may be true that a used vehicle that you’re looking at privately may be hiding some necessary repairs. Avoid that concern by shopping for your next used car at a reputable dealership like Jay Wolfe Acura. Our pre-owned selection is thoroughly inspected and certified by our professional service team before it’s made available for sale. You need not worry that repairs are going to be required  with one of our certified used vehicles.

“Dealers charge too much for pre-owned vehicles”

An honest, established dealership prices their used vehicles competitively in the market. The truth is that if the dealership overcharged for used cars, they simply would not sell! At Jay Wolfe Acura, each vehicle we sell is researched to determine its true value and to make sure our customers get the a great vehicle at the right price.

“”60/60 warranty – 60 feet or 60 seconds”

A concern many people have is that they won’t get help if something goes wrong. That couldn’t be further from the truth! We want you to have a great experience, so we back every used car we sell. In fact, many of our used cars have factory warranty remaining for even more peace of mind.

“Financing used cars at the dealer is too expensive”

We work with lenders of virtually every kind through many different institutions. We have access to some of the best rates on the market so we can help you get into the vehicle you want, whether that’s for a new or used vehicle. If you happen to have access to a better finance rate elsewhere, feel free to use it as well, although our finance team is pretty good at what they do…

“The best price is at the end of the month”

We want you to be our customer as badly on day 1 of the month as we do on the last day. At Jay Wolfe Acura, we’ll work with you to find the right vehicle at the right price. That’s the bottom line. Waiting until the end of the month might mean you miss out on the car you really want! We want you to be totally comfortable shopping with us at Jay Wolfe Acura. Whether your shopping for new or used cars, we’ve got the perfect one for you! Drop in or call us today!