Is There a Problem With Your Fuel Mileage?

You drive your Acura, so you’re going to burn fuel. And because there’s so much fun you can have behind the wheel, you may have a tendency to burn more gas than you need to. But when it seems like your Acura’s fuel mileage is suffering worse than it should, you might begin to wonder: is there a problem with your fuel mileage? There’s one way that’s almost sure-fire to determine if you have an engine problem that’s causing excessive fuel consumption. See if your Check Engine light is on – it’s the amber light shaped like an engine. If the light is on, you should bring your Acura into the dealership to have it diagnosed. It could be a simple repair or a complex problem that’s causing up to 40 percent higher fuel consumption. If the Check Engine light isn’t on, it’s most likely a heavy foot or a small maintenance concern. Here are a few things you can check.

A Dirty Air Filter Affects Fuel Mileage

Your air filter should be changed approximately once per year to provide clean air into your engine. A dirty air filter can cause your engine to burn more fuel as it tries to compensate. If you haven’t changed your air filter in the past 12 months, start with that. You might find a noticeable increase in fuel mileage for the small cost of an air filter.

Check Your Tire Pressures

Low tire pressures cause increased rolling resistance against the road. Your Acura has to work harder to achieve the same performance, which means burning more gas. Inflate your tires to the pressure indicated on the placard, located on the driver’s door pillar.

Use the Right Grade of Fuel

Does your Acura require or recommend premium fuel, yet you use regular gas at the pump? This can cause poor fuel mileage on its own. Premium fuel has higher octane which some engines require for optimum performance and economy. Using lower-grade fuel can cause an increase in fuel consumption, resulting in higher fuel costs and decreased performance overall.   If you suspect an issue with your Acura, we’re here to help. Jay Wolfe Acura is the best choice for all your Acura service and repairs, keeping your vehicle running at its most efficient. Call us or visit to schedule your appointment!