How Will You Spend Your Memorial Day?

It’s the unofficial start of summer; the last Monday in May and that’s right around the time the weather gets warm and stays warm. It’s the time to tune up the classic summer cruiser to hit the streets on Sunday night, and the perfect weather to cast a line into the lake, hoping for a fish fry. But do you know what Memorial Day is actually about?

Memorial Day’s Origin

It began after the American Civil War. The Union side set aside a day to remember the fellow men that took up arms to fight for what they believed. Unfortunately, that’s not the only war that is now commemorated. After World War I, the tribute of was expanded to all men and women who died in active duty or during war. World War II followed, as did the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and others over time. Until World War II, it was known as Decoration Day. It was renamed Memorial Day, then later the date was set to be the last Monday of May, year after year.

How Will You Spend Memorial Day?

For most non-essential services, it’s a day off work or school. And while it’s a fantastic time to exercise your freedom, it’s a day to show your patriotism in some way. Decide to spend time with a war veteran in your family, or volunteer to visit vets at the local VA. It doesn’t have to be the whole day, either. You could simply remind yourself of the day’s meaning by attending a memorial service for fallen soldiers.   At Jay Wolfe Acura, we show our appreciation for our Armed Forces all year round, including on Memorial Day. We offer an Acura Military Appreciation Offer to active and retired Armed Forces, just to show our thanks for all that you do. Stop in for a visit or give us a call to find out how to qualify for the Acura Military Appreciation Offer.